Starting a project ? Where to begin ?

Project Planning Pack

Are you in the initial research phase of your building project? If so, we’ve put together an informative, downloadable PDF pack to guide you through this phase. Once you go through the pack you will have a clearer view of your project – it will look simpler and less intimidating.

The #1 cause of budget over runs is rushing to the design phase before completing research and analysis. This is like a doctor rushing a patient to surgery without a proper diagnosis. An out of control project is stressful, massively expensive and unnecessary.

The solution is successful planning. This is why we created the Project Planning Pack. Our free Project Planning Pack aims to help: 1) reduce project risk, and 2) improve project design. It covers

  • An thorough explanation of the Architectural Process
  • A list of what you need to do before and during your project.
  • An outline of the consultants you will need
  • Information on selecting the right Architect or Designer for your project
  • An outline of what your Architect will do 
  • A Guide on Building Costs
  • Your Building Budget Worksheet
  • List of unexpected expenses in the design and building process
  • Explanation of Common Renovating Mistakes
  • The ‘How to Create Your Perfect Brief’ toolkit​

Discover everything that you need to know to help you to get started creating your perfect home.  Email now to request your own pack.